by Ness

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Recorded in Chicago IL, June 2014.


released July 27, 2014

Danny Cardiff- Vocals, Guitar
Austin Dohm- Vocals, Guitar
Robert Cundiff- Vocals, Bass
Randall Valdivia- Drums

Produced & Mixed by Dan Tinkler at Atlas Studio.
All songs written by Ness




all rights reserved


Ness Elgin, Illinois

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Track Name: To My Friends
My Friends, I'll be back when the ice melts and the dead rise again
For now, I'll just drown in alcohol
The summer flew by and I feel ice freezing around my spine
To all of my friends
the ones I've lost that I'll never forget
To everyone that I used to know
I guess I miss how shit used to go
I miss the days after hell
All we thought, how can we score ourselves this pot?
Track Name: Not Another Techno Beat
It's that feeling you get when you are trapped inside of one of your friends cars
blasting E.D.M. under such ugly stars
All my friends are tripping on mushrooms
tweaking on the floor of the living room
Fuck it, my friend can you give me some too?

I'm floating away

I know, I am no doctor but I wanna stitch your lips together
when you speak I wanna tear out my hair now
Hey girl will you be my savior?
I'm stoned excuse my behavior
I'm not much of a smoker but can you bum me one?

I'm floating away
Track Name: Tangled
The cigarette set sail
floating in a moldy see
in my plastic coffin
where my cigarettes sleeps

The sun stood beneath the clouds hiding from this frozen town
where my friends are drunk yes
not much to live for I guess

I see you a few times a week
usually those days are bright like a train heading towards me
blinding as I close my eyes

Don't let the sun fall, Don't let the sun fall down

I've been tangled in this twisted luck
I think I think way to much
My hearts pumpin' rivers through
my mind body and soul too

Don't let the sun fall, Don't let the sun fall down
Track Name: Another Winter Night
Lets sink in front of television sets
Drink till our issues are dead
Lets see how bad things can get
This is a real uncomfortable bed
Wake up exhausted; complain
Drive down the street again
Find half a million spoiled spirits just like me

I’ve been watching hanging around
The world flip the fuck upside down

Another Summer spent burnt to ash
Graveyard built around the past
Regrets, watching above from the track
As everything starts to crack

I read the paper; I watched the news
Life I blindly consume
High school grads armed to the teeth
Now I finally feel safe
Angry sinking in my couch
My T.V. Told me what to hate
Now it seems like everything
It seems I hate everything

Another winter night melts and dies
Life’s got you by the spine
Regrets; nothing but lost appetite
Soon it will be your time
Track Name: Paul Z, What's Up?
Here I sit with the sun as she begins to wake up
In a cloud made of rum we she'll sleep for the month
I hope her brightness breaks through the life in my veins
That holds me under this lake
with wide eyes; dream of escape

I'm slowly breakin' down to the bone
It hurts, even when I am stoned
I will, I will, I will, I will stand up

I've got plans scribbled in poems
Shortly, I will figure them out
One day, One day, One day I will stand up